Alg-a Laboratory

Or Alg-a Lab é laboratory posto cultural experimentation underway in 2008 by the community of artists Alg-a (2003), together on the one hand with the architect and activist Santiago Cirugeda, facilitator 2 housing containers enabled within your project Urban Recipes (germ of current Rede International Collective Collective Architectures), and on the other with a particular parish of Valadares (Vigo), who offered us a property of 3000m2 under assignment by 10 year old, which are currently installed collectors.

Social Center 2.0

The aim is to offer the Alg-Lab as a remedy available to a distributed network of different people, communities and agencies (primarily related to art, free technology, to architecture, education and permaculture) interesadxs in space for use and management cooperative. Meanwhile try to experiment and learn different ways of self-management and organization Collaborative, inspired by the dynamic spread of free culture and in P2P networks.

Suggests, requests, participates with ...


Propose a project to develop in-residence through the programs that we have implemented.


You can use the space to present a piece of theater, concert, live sesion, facilities in spaces peculiar, etc.


Propose your workshop, training activity, release, lecture

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