Village Fun | Presentation in Porto

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The next Friday 10 of April present in Porto project Village Fun: GERATE design for urban systems, which is developing Alberto (of cerojugadores) residence Alg-a Laboratory. As a prototype #web and as #ecosystem, estamos a desenvolver con Alberto unha interface multiaxente movements means, People and knowledge on the Imaginary Network, face to know the performance of this network itself, their optimization or its losses; insert it into a system or design according to the entropic variables #Research #desenvolvemento and #innovation entendéndoas como fases nun mesmo proceso que ten como fin respostar á pregunta: produced as the nodes of a network innovation?

This Friday (Friday) 10 April 18h we find no Space Compass, Street Torrinha, 113, Port. Have a nice day!


Presentation Alg-a Lab or 25 March


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