Atari Punk Console

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Atari Punk Console é a circuit sons producer, a classic since its appearance in 1980. He is also the first step to build a different kind of tools such as organ or guitar pedals. In this workshop we will build an Atari Punk Console and learn the basics of electronics (DIY) “Do it yourself '”, from the interpretation of schemas welding circuits. Non é previous experience necessary.

The World “Do it yourself '” (Do It Yourself) recently renovated with new proposals based on original concepts. This is how we know every day a new robot, vehicle or whatever Lego, Rude Goldberg machines brought to the real world, among other xenialidades.

The heart of the circuit is a timer IC 556 dual and only needs two controls (oscillator frequency and control the length of the pulse) for function. These pots were replaced by developments in different keys, pressure, temperature and even light. The circuit is so small that it can be assembled in any type of box, until a pill as shown in the image illustrating the note.


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