Russian Wood Construction

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A Russian stove is a special type of stove that first appeared in the fifteenth century. It is used both for cooking, as for domestic heating. The wood burning stove Russian or wood waste. It is designed to keep the heat for long periods of time (6 or 7 hours). This is achieved through the channeling of smoke and hot air produced by the combustion through a complex maze of passages, heating the bricks used to build the walls of the stove.

During the day of Saturday 25 January opened the doors to show the bulk of this construction, having already advanced preparations: construction gives basic, do purchase materials, preparation of the different iron gates, etc.) and discuss all or process:

  • 10h: preparations and start building the greenhouse
  • 13h: talk about the details of the Russian stove. By Alex F. Palicio.
  • 14:30h: popular lunch vegan (4€).
  • 16h: Then Russian stove construction.
  • 19h: Coffee and conclusions.
  • ALL OR DAY: documentation of the day with annotated photographs.


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