Network Meeting Collective Architectures 2013

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We are pleased this year host the meeting 2013 da rede Collective Architectures. O Alg-a Laboratory, sede social e espazo de investigación de Alg-a Partnership, arises, while physical location, coa cesión de dous contenedores por parte do proxecto Urban Recipes, prelude of what is now Collective Architectures. Since then took several years maintaining a cultural project, which tends to be holísitico, at least in the sense of designing a space from the art and Teconoloxías, tends to accommodate various aspects related to free culture.

Alg-a Laboratory é un espazo situado en Valadares, an estate on assignment in which fumes installing and retrieving, plus two containers recipe urban, novos espazos. Neles levamos a cabo residencias artísticas, workshops, meetings, fairs and meetings. The purpose more technical and specific space and serve as a laboratory media (new media), but in a broader sense works as a social center 2.0; practicing forms of management related to digital culture, P2P and the commons.

In this sense it is very important to the relationship of the Laboratory with its surroundings: from the immediate, looking for a life autosustentábel using permaculture, Bioconstruction and recycling; but also the neighborhood level, promoting the bond with the parish, exchanging crops in your time bank, etc. Finally we participated in various national and international meetings related to new forms of management, Free Culture, P2P and production cooperative and distributed knowledge and practices.


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Propose a project to develop in-residence through the programs that we have implemented.


You can use the space to present a piece of theater, concert, live sesion, facilities in spaces peculiar, etc.


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