Social space for meetings and events. Concert, cinema, presentations, talks, bar and festivities. The site can be requested by other entities to organize events. RESOURCES: -stage with linoleum flooring, equipment are: amplifier + table, projection screen, Projector, lighting equipment + dimmer 4 channels, bar 3 neveiras, 2 TV monitors, Wi.


Plato digital, laboratory performance, Telepresence and digital studio. As a research site for resident artists INVITED ou s. This space or use of a polyvalent workshops for electronics, ou programming even as room communication events, info-point and documentation. RESOURCES: 42 m2 divided by movable walls, PC desktop i7 / 16 MG, mixer video HD, screen retroproxeción, different monitors installed interconnected, 1 chamber minidv, 1 webcam, microphones and electric piezos, team are with table Misturas, worktables, greenhouse salamander. Wi-Fi.


Space and research work in electronic and interactive. Multipurpose room exhibition, closed and internally illuminated with fluorescent as a "light box!. Use for temporary exhibitions, interventions or facilities during events. It is a dynamic space, where we do have to be light and easy to assemble / disassemble. RESOURCES: 1 bank, 1 table, 1 plano tv Samsumg 44 ', several outlets.

Module housing

Container de 42 m2. Hosting with 2 rooms for residents, hogsty, shower, bath and washing machine. Lounge for residents. Wi-Fi.


First floor of the house. Room for residents ou longa duration curta. Installation of Radio Pirathon gourd table serves to turn for meetings or study space for those who need or seek to. It is also electronics workshop, hardware and woodworking complete spaces airtight and Kontainer where there are also widgets. Normally we use this workshop to make fatter and deposit the material and tools. Finally there is an intermediate space that should leave free for tasks / activities that may require a covered space occasionally, as well as a small warehouse space in itself that should things do not stay long. The idea is that we are always reused (redirect) entering all or. Bathroom with shower and wifi.

Suggests, requests, participates with ...


Propose a project to develop in-residence through the programs that we have implemented.


You can use the space to present a piece of theater, concert, live sesion, facilities in spaces peculiar, etc.


Propose your workshop, training activity, release, lecture

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