We participated in the second meeting of Citizenship and Culture, Ministry of Culture

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A next week, for you day 13-14 de Outubro We not participate Second Meeting of Culture and Citizenship organized or Ministry of Culture; this year revolving around the theme of territory. By Alg-a Lab Man_Hauser form part of Mesa EXPERIMENTACIÓN E INNOVACIÓN EN CONTEXTOS EXCÉNTRICOS along with Susana Moliner and Joseph Perello e moderada por Jaron Rowan.

“In 2016 the meeting directs his gaze towards a multifaceted reality, con multiple derives semantic: the territory. This necessarily includes the area of ​​the local, but also it implies a relational dimension that emphasizes exchanges, talks, intersections and flows that occur or pulsate in a given cultural space. Beyond the city or township culture it is also expressed from meeting spaces and tissues of relationships that exceed and transcend the strictly local. Pairs as center-periphery, or urban-rural-local global reject any absolute or antagonistic character, and they appear rather as ambiguous and polysemic realities, constantly redefining, based not so much on defining attributes and relationships and processes. The territory is, as well, a flexible reality in spatial terms and symbolic, which can expand or contract depending on the time, circumstances and specific interests”. II Encounter Culture and Citizenship 2016.

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