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DESIGN FOR GERATE urban system

Presentation of the project on Wednesday 25 March 19h in Alg-a Lab.

Alberto Alberludo (cerojugadores) proposes a residence to investigate the urban design and social relationships, from a very unique perspective: “The work outlined presents an approach combined with the theoretical framework and practical design GERATE for urban systems. It seeks to give value to the incorporation of computational logic in the process of architecture, in its widest sense, not only represents an extension of the data field goals, but a questioning face different hierarchies from the latent design sequence, social participation or fuzzy boundaries of our relationship with the machine“. This presents us Village Fun (more info), a somewhat provocative understatement to reverse will be, the control parameters to which nowadays is subjected to town. Pódenmos servir as Da Computer Sciences, a Game Theory, the Parametric Design and other management methodologies and generating information such as learning system for the design of the city? Perhaps a prototype for this is the “village”; and perhaps, Valadares, as Parish neighbors @ s fulfills similar functionality.


Desfrutaremos by the presence of cerojugadores starting from 25 March, and for one month, in which virtually all the days are already assigned with a task. Gathering information, assessment, data visualization. Furthermore, the project continues other assistance from developed Alg-a Lab como Psicocartografía Paco Inclán or Map subjective Valadares of Agatha Dzianach.


Here you can see the file of the project to the Alg-Lab.


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