Map subjective Valadares

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During 2012 the designer and architect Agata Ruchlewicz-Dzianach elaborates this map subjective specifically on the territory of Valadares. The project, at the same time as technical and analytical social, tries to clarify a code subjective two places, linked to images, record, stories that build a voicemail free to use the project also implements. The project developed within the Residential program Alg-a Laboratory (Daily da residence) and has the collaboration of Time Bank Valadares. It was selected for presentation during the Festival International EME3 Architecture in Barcelona (Espana, 06.2012), foi presented during Pecha Kucha Barcelona (Espana, 07.2012), during Fair Imaginary / Summer of Labs (Galicia, 08.2012), during Fair Cultural Projects Warsaw (Poland, 11.2012) and during Fair design Culturgal Pontevedra (Espana, 12.2012). Finally the project was co-financed by Cultural Grant from the City of Gdansk.


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