Protocols and Research

You can request a residence in Alg-a Laboratory contacting us and presenting a research project to develop. This must correspond in principle with some of the research lab, or playing with them at some point. In any case, We can always study the proposals en concrete, both the viability of the same, as resources that Alg-a Lab can offer. In turn contemplate two basic types of residents:

  • Collaboration residence: experience to deal with pending tasks of home and farm assuming the responsibilities of the maintenance and improvement of the lab every day.
    CONTRIBUTION: 50€ / mes.

  • residence building: or "incubator mode"; @ s that are residents who use Alg-a Lab as a resource for research and production itself by presenting a more personal.
    CONTRIBUTION: 100€ / mes.

  • Art and digital electronics: interactivity and xeratividade.
  • Circuit bending e electrónica DIY
  • Social technologies: community, memory, psicocartografías, maps subjective.
  • Sustainability and energy renobáveis: Permaculture, bioconstruction and its implementation / optimization digital.
  • Networks and waves: servers, güifi net, streaming, radio.
  • Suggests, requests, participates with ...


    Propose a project to develop in-residence through the programs that we have implemented.


    You can use the space to present a piece of theater, concert, live sesion, facilities in spaces peculiar, etc.


    Propose your workshop, training activity, release, lecture

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