The memory of louceiros Bamio and 3D printing

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or Saturday 25 this month (February) host a hybrid meeting, exhibition and talks, a small workshop and different interventions and guest @ s. The sesión vén proposal by Syllabus in Mancomún coordinated or collective Our Monte next to University of Santiago de Compostela, through do research group HISTAGRA e coa financiación de Daniel Foundation & Nina Carasso and other developer @ s. In our approach is, as usual, weave bridges between the traditional and the technological, or past or future and, a innovación e a memoria.

The day will begin with a conversation with representatives of Assoc. Rural women Bamio and Beatriz Comendador, whom we explain the hidden memories through this traditional way of doing the dishes, as well as the work they are pushing ahead recover the memory of the land. Since tomorrow will be installed Alg-a Lab an exhibition about the project Louceiros Bamio.

Thereafter remain an intervention Samuel Otero resident Alg-a Lab quen address to hybridization na sculptural technique; the craftsman and the new 3D techniques, followed by a conversation with Eloi Mancebo, pulse workmanship, with which we will talk about the uses of 3D printing to enhance the creation of pieces. A sesión contará cunha exposición efémera de traballos.

Through this mix of knowledge and expertise and with the aim to expand the investigation to other possible interested people is so open this Expo-workshop to be held at the headquarters of the Alg-Lab or 25 February, with the aim of those who would like to space or if you have interest in participating nolo had done to know through an email to (the selection will be made in strict order of registration).

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