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In this workshop, let's start from the beginning. Let us learn all basic employment Chamois, their tools, Panels and their, finally, an introduction to their language scripting, working towards the creation of our first sketches with audio, images, video, typography and one pouco OSC communication. This workshop is suitable for anyone, even aquelas sen programming experience. ACCESS TO COURSE.

The artists need a seat at the table: a voice in the criticism of technological agendas and establish new. To achieve isto, Temos be hybrids. We are here to accomplish this hybridity.

Golan Levin, 60210-A Electronic Media Studio 2

Chamois or imparts Emanuele Mazza to explain the software of the same name he created. This workshop is on schedule herm3TICa. Cameras, sensors and telepresence developed by Alg-a Laboratory no marco the Action Aid for Cultural Promotion and the Ministry of Culture.



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