Ainda que estas son as liñas principais de I+D+i que abordamos en Alg-a Lab, podes propor outro material que consideres pertinente:

  • Art and digital electronics: interactivity and xeratividade.
  • Circuit bending e electrónica DIY
  • Social technologies: community, memory, psicocartografías, maps subjective.
  • Sustainability and energy renobáveis: Permaculture, bioconstruction and its implementation / optimization digital.
  • Networks and waves: servers, güifi net, streaming, radio.
  • Suggests, requests, participates with ...


    Propose a project to develop in-residence through the programs that we have implemented.


    You can use the space to present a piece of theater, concert, live sesion, facilities in spaces peculiar, etc.


    Propose your workshop, training activity, release, lecture

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